Security Standards

We take your security seriously so you that can enjoy your food, and your peace of mind.

Security is a top priority. We have taken multiple steps to ensure that all of your information is stored securely. If you have any specific questions regarding security, please email us at and we will get back to you with an answer. We have outlined some specifics about our security standards below:

Complete compliance with PCI Standards.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council maintains and develops a set of Data Security Standards which all companies have to meet in order to accept credit card transactions. Grabb meets all the criteria set forward by the Security Standards Council, making us 100 PCI compliant.

All sensitive data is encrypted.

All sensitive information is transmitted via 128 bit SSL encryption. What does this mean? When data is sent over the internet, it is not sent in plain text, but rather it is encrypted and sent as a random combination of letters and numbers.

For example, if you login with the password “GrabbIsAwesome”, your password will be sent looking something like this: “3b7a7f2d32682d8296feeb2e0d7e2c8…”

Credit card information is stored by Gold Standard Security Partners.

When you link a credit card to your Grabb account, your credit card information gets saved on secured servers. However, your information is not saved on the Grabb servers. Rather, we have partnered with a leading payment gateway company called Braintree. Braintree handles payment processing, as well as encrypting and saving your credit card information in their Vault. Braintree is the gold standard. They are trusted by Uber, AirBnB, Living Social, Hailo, Grabb and so many more.

No sensitive data is stored on your phone.

As mentioned earlier, all your credit card information is saved in Braintree’s Vaults. No credit card information is saved on your phone. Therefore, if somebody gets a hold of your phone, they cannot access any of your credit card information (including the credit card number or CVC) from Grabb. On the other hand, if somebody gets a hold of your wallet they gain access to your physical credit cards as well as your credit card information for electronic transactions. If someone does unfortunately get a hold of your phone, contact and we will reset your password so that no one uses Grabb on your behalf.

Email confirmations so you can verify all transactions.

Grabb sends an email receipt each time you submit an order so that you track and verify all transactions. If you suspect that someone has accessed your account, you can quickly take action by resetting your password, deleting your credit card, or contacting Grabb.

User management and control of individual cards.

You have full control of what cards are uploaded and stored with Grabb. You can instantly delete your credit cards from the secured Vault.

All this, in addition to security from your credit card company.

Remember, although you are sending your ordering and payment through Grabb, you are still paying with your credit card. This means that all security bells and whistles of the major credit card companies still apply to you.

We hope these points provide some clarity as to the advanced security standards that Grabb employs.
If you still have questions, email We’re always here to chat.

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