Blog: Why You Need a Customer List and How to Build One from Scratch

March 13, 2017

From a marketing standpoint, having an up-to-date customer list is a must. Not only will such a list help you keep your customers happy, it also helps you increase your bottom line. As a business owner (it doesn’t matter whether yours is a small company or a Fortune 500 one), you can’t afford not to have a customer database and keep it current.

In this post, we will cover the following:

Ways a customer list benefits your business

How to build a strong customer list, fast

Ways a Customer List Benefits your Business:

Increased Customer Visits and Spending

Your goal as a business owner is to get customers coming back. A customer list helps you do that by capturing important info such as the products they purchased, when they purchased them and so on. If you know a customer likes wheat bread, you can target that customer with an individualized sales campaign featuring a new brand of wheat bread you just started carrying that just happens to be on sale. By using the information you know about your current customers, you can connect with them again and again.

Happier Customers

Every business wants happy customers because happy customers lead to more sales and more customers. By creating a strong customer database, you collect details about your customers that help you and your team provide better customer service.

Build a Strong Customer List Fast

It’s important to build a customer list on your own rather than buy one. When you buy a customer list, you don’t gain true knowledge of your actual customers. Building a customer list is actually quite easy and quick with Grabb.

The beauty of using Grabb is that the system not only enables your restaurant to accept online orders, it also does all the grunt work of creating a customer list for you. Grabb leaves you free to do the more important things running a restaurant requires. Take a look below at what Grabb has to offer.

Automated data capture

When a customer uses Grabb’s online ordering platform to order food from your restaurant, the system automatically captures important data about that customer. Their information, food preferences and ordering history are all collected in a database that you can then use to create personalized promotions.

Targeted rewards system

Grabb enables you to immediately capitalize on your customer list by allowing you to send out upcoming promotion announcements or deals to targeted customers. Furthermore, you can create Reward Alerts that the system automatically sends out when a customer reaches certain milestones such as number of visits or dollars spent.

A customer list provides all the vital information you need about your customers in order to accurately promote your restaurant and keep them happy. Every establishment, big and small, should have one. If you don’t, the information above will help you begin building a strong list you can continue to grow and use to your advantage for years to come.

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