Blog: Supercharge Your Delivery and Takeout Business with Online Ordering

Feb 26, 2017

In a world where consumers stay digitally connected more than six hours a day on average, it’s no surprise that they prefer ordering their food online as well. Whether they are ordering takeout or delivery from a smartphone or a PC, diners find online ordering convenient and easy. For you as a restaurant owner, this equates to better operating efficiency and increased profits.

Recent studies indicate implementing online orders benefits any restaurant – right down to the smallest diner on the corner. The fact is, nearly 60 percent of all new restaurants fail within the first three years. Because of this shockingly high failure rate, it’s increasingly important that restaurants make themselves digitally accessible in this day and age. Slow foot traffic into a physical establishment no longer means failure if online ordering is in place.

According to the National Restaurant Association, for more than one-third of adults and 40 percent of Millennials, having digital options for ordering is an important factor in deciding whether to patronize an establishment or not. In fact, 60 percent of the adults polled said they’d likely opt for delivery to their places of residence or employment if local restaurants offered online ordering.

Benefits of Offering Online Orders

Ensuring your customers are happy is important, but offering online ordering also benefits your restaurant as well.

Decreased Order Processing

If you already offer takeout and/or delivery options, you know the time your staff spends on the phone taking those orders is great. Studies estimate that orders taken by phone last anywhere from a minute to three minutes each. For a busy restaurant, this amounts to a lot of time spent on the phone rather than completing orders.

When online ordering is an option, many phone orders cease, cutting time spent taking orders nearly in half. People typically prefer placing their own orders, which frees you and your staff to do what you need to do, which is prepare delicious food.

Increased Restaurant Efficiency

When you and your staff aren’t busy taking orders over the phone, you have more time to do more important tasks. Whether it be stocking supplies, cleaning tables or simply interacting with in-house customers, your restaurant runs more smoothly and efficiently overall without the chaos of ringing phones and too few employees to handle the workload.

Increased Order Accuracy

When customers place their own orders online, the chances of receiving an incorrect order are slim to none. Poor phone reception, language barriers and a host of other problems contribute to wrong orders and incorrect delivery addresses all the time. If a customer can enter the information themselves, you won’t have to decipher poor handwriting or worry about wrong addresses ever again.

Increased Knowledge of Customers and their Ordering Habits

Implementing online ordering through Grabb not only allows your customers to place their own orders, but it also enables you to collect information about them to better serve them. For example, when a customer orders food online from your restaurant, Grabb collects information such as their food preferences and ordering history that you can then use to target them with individualized deals and promotions in the future.

Increased Revenue

Last but definitely not least, implementing online ordering can mean great success for most restaurants. In fact, smaller restaurants typically see the greatest increase in revenue by as much as 50 percent.

Getting Started with Online Orders

Many restaurant owners hesitate to implement online ordering for a couple of reasons: they feel it takes too much time to learn a new way of doing things. Furthermore, many think a service of this sort costs too much, despite the many benefits listed above.

The reality is, adding online ordering to your restaurant’s ordering options is quick and easy when you use an online ordering platform. Although implementing online ordering does take a little bit of time to get going, the time you and your staff will save, plus the takeout and delivery revenue increase, makes it well worth the effort.

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